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What are the advantages of mesh deks for automated warehouses?

From the simple storage shelf to the technical optimisation required, the mesh deck has its place on logistics platforms and even more so in automated warehouses. It has several functions that are essential for the safety and smooth running of daily order picking.

The main purpose of this metal plate assembly is to store both light and heavy goods in wide racks with slide rail mounting. This allows you to store your stock with maximum adaptation to your needs.

The mesk deck also ensures the safety of goods on each floor to limit repeated falls and possible damage. It is also useful in case of fire. Indeed, it is a real brake allowing to retain the objects in fire and thus to limit its diffusion.

Another, even more important, concept is related to flooring in automated warehouses. These storage and order operators need technical products that save them time and money. Indeed, being organised with a picking method directly in the shelves, the slightest disorganisation between packages can have important consequences.

The mesk deck provides them with positional accuracy allowing the order picking robots to retrieve the various packages easily and without incident.

For manual storage of products with simple assembly, for prevention and safety on your logistics platforms or to optimise the output in your warehouses,mesh deck is the solution to your various flow problems.

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